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BAB Technologie Catalogue 2018

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EN GL I SH\r\n\r\n2018\r\n\r\n BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH Hörder Burgstraße 44263 Dortmund Germany Phone: +49 231 476425–30 Fax: +49 231 476425–59 Email: Internet: The information in this catalogue is provided without guarantee. We reserve the right to make technical and design changes without prior notice. All Smart Home Apps are independent products and are not legally associated with the third-party manufacturers mentioned herein. Neither BAB APP MARKET GmbH, BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH nor App developers are in possession of the mentioned trademarks.\r\n\r\n4 I Content\r\n\r\n CONTENT\r\nGateways\r\nEIBPORT V3 EIBPORT V3 Matrix EIBPORT V3 Basic Functions EIBPORT V3 Combinations CUBEVISIONMODULE APPMODULE DUODMX GATEWAY AUDIOMODULE AUDIOAMP FACILITYMASTER LINKMODULE DATALOGGER V2 KNXCONVERTER INTERCOMMODULE SDMODULE 7 8 9 10 14 16 24 27 32 33 36 39 41 43 45\r\n\r\nAccessories\r\n\r\nPower Supply Akku\r\n\r\n46 48\r\n\r\nVisualisations\r\n\r\nCUBEVISION 2 CUBEVISION APP DUO DMX APP CONTROL L\r\n\r\n50 54 55 56\r\n\r\nAdditional Software\r\n\r\nCONTROL R CONTROL W DATAWAREHOUSE 2 CONTROL T\r\n\r\n58 59 60 61\r\n\r\nTouch Panels\r\n\r\nFLATTOUCH SMARTSURFACE\r\n\r\n63 65\r\n\r\nCONNECT B\r\n\r\nOnline-Shop for smart accessories\r\n\r\n72\r\n\r\nContent I 5\r\n\r\n NEW: TEST THE EIBPORT LIVE\r\nUse our new virtual EIBPORT. Simply use the free application «BAB STARTER» to connect, log in and start immediately. Get acquainted with the LOGIKEDITOR, CUBEVISION, CONTROL L, as well as the visualisation editor and be fascinated by many other technologies.\r\n\r\n GATEWAYS EIBPORT V3\r\n\r\n• • • • •\r\n\r\nNEW in EIBPORT: Amazon® Alexa Integration Virtual EIBPORT Camera archive long-term data recording Integration of ABB Welcome\r\n\r\nEIBPORT VISUALISATION. AUTOMATION. INTEGRATION.\r\nThe EIBPORT connects KNX or EnOcean building control with the IP world. Create individual visualisations intuitively with CONTROL L or almost automatically with the innovative visualisation CUBEVISION. Whether simple or complex – make use of over 50 integrated services for almost all automation tasks in building automation and integrate third-party applications such as Amazon® Alexa or IFTTT. In addition to a simulation mode, the graphical LOGIKEDITOR offers search and documentation functions and the possibility of loading and exporting logic groups. With our new website »logikeditor. de« you can load further ready-made logic groups that execute application-oriented services. Setting up the EIBPORT is child’s play. The EIBPORT works without any kind of cloud connection. Your data stays where it belongs, at home. Thanks to the integrated VPN server, the device can also be safely accessed externally at any time. By the way, the EIBPORT can also function as an IP router in the KNX installation.\r\n\r\nGateways I 7\r\n\r\n GATEWAYS EIBPORT V3\r\nEIBPORT in 5 combinations\r\nThe EIBPORT V3 provides space for two communication modules. In the standard versions ...

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