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RCS Audio-Systems Catalogue 2019-20

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GUARDIAN FOR YOUR BUILDING:\r\n\r\nCATALOGUE\r\n\r\n2018-19\r\n\r\n Dear business friend, this is our latest and brand new general catalog and presents different areas from ELECTROACOUSTICS to PRO SOUND- and MOBILE SOUND SYSTEMS. Furthermore you will find the complete program for emergency warning systems and voice alarm systems (RCS-VARES®), certified to the applicable standards EN 54-4, EN 54-16, EN 54-24, IEC 50849 and DIN VDE 0833-4 in this catalogue. The foundation of all this is located with our successfully researched and developed products labeled with „Made in Germany“. This set, especially in the digital field, new standards. As a matter of course our qualified employees will assist you with any queries via telephone, fax or email at any time. You can count on our reliability, expertise and service.. Enjoy and with best regards! *\r\n\r\nTÜV certified ISO 9001:2008 TÜV certified DIN 14675:2012\r\n© 2017 RCS AUDIO-SYSTEMS GmbH. Subject to change without notice. RCS shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors contained in this catalogue. No part of this publication may be reproduced or duplicated in any form without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.\r\n\r\n Part\r\n\r\nSECURITY\r\n›ACCORDINGS TO NORMS‹ ›VOICE ALARM SYSTEM COMPACT‹\r\n\r\n3–8\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\n1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9\r\n\r\nPart\r\n\r\n1\r\nPart\r\n\r\n2\r\nPart\r\n\r\n9 – 14\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\n3\r\n\r\n›VOICE ALARM AND PAGING SYSTEM‹\r\n\r\n15 – 36 Part\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\nSAA-NETWORK\r\n19˝ PA devices\r\n\r\n4\r\n\r\n›FLEXIBLE VOICE ALARM MATRIX SYSTEMS‹\r\n\r\n37 – 40 Part\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\n5\r\n\r\nAMPLIFIER, EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY, MIXER‹\r\n\r\n41 – 106 Part\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\nPA accessories\r\n\r\n6\r\nPart\r\n\r\n107 – 120\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\nDesktop Amplifiers, PA centers and sound sources Speaker\r\n›100 V, ACTIVE, PASSIVE‹\r\n\r\n7\r\nPart\r\n\r\n121 – 150\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\n8\r\nPart\r\n\r\n151 – 228\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\nChurch Sound Systems\r\n\r\n9\r\nPart\r\n\r\n229 – 240\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\n19˝ cabinets and accessories\r\n\r\n10\r\n241 – 258\r\nPage\r\n\r\n10\r\nPart\r\n\r\nMicrophones, microphone stations and wireless UHF-systemes\r\n›MOBILE-SOUND‹\r\nD-83043 Bad Aibling · Gewerbepark Markfeld 5 www.rcs-audio.com info@rcs-audio.com\r\n\r\n11\r\n259 – 286\r\nPage\r\n\r\n11\r\nPart\r\n\r\nMobile speaker systems Power Megaphones\r\n›WORTH KNOWING ABOUT‹\r\n\r\n12\r\n287 – 330\r\nPage\r\n®\r\n\r\n12\r\nPart\r\n\r\nPHONE: +49 80 61 35 01-0 · FAX +49 80 61 35 01-29 01\r\n\r\nPA technology, VAS and RCS PRODUCT-INDEX\r\n\r\n13\r\n331 – 358 359 – 376\r\nPage Page\r\n\r\n13\r\n\r\n SECURITY\r\n›ACCORDINGS TO NORMS‹\r\n\r\n3–8\r\n\r\nPage\r\n\r\n1\r\n\r\nPart\r\n\r\n1\r\n\r\nVOICE EVACUATION SPEAKER\r\n\r\nVOICE EVACUATION SYSTEMS\r\n\r\nEMERGENCY POWER SUPPPLY\r\n\r\nEN 54-4 certified\r\n\r\nEN 54-16 certified\r\n\r\nEN 54-24 certified\r\n\r\nCERTIFIED SECURITY ACCORDING TO EN 54\r\nFOR RCS VOICE EVACUATION SYSTEMS AND THEIR COMPONENTS\r\n\r\n CERT...

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