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Siemens Components for low-voltage power distribution

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SENTRON Components for low-voltage power distribution Protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices Answers for infrastructure. Contents Safety and flexibility Keeping the power supply under control Protection, switching and communicating Broad protection concept Reliability and safety Switching functions for safety and comfort Greater transpareny through energy flow tracking Everything in view with monitoring devices Portfolio for professional power monitoring Systematic approach to power distribution Safe and reliable power distribution for buildings, infrastructure and industrial applications Answers for the safe power supply of tomorrow Standards ­ the ticket to the world Any questions? One click ­ well-informed 04 ­ 05 06 ­ 07 08 ­ 09 10 ­ 11 12 ­ 13 14 ­ 15 16 17 18 ­ 19 20 ­ 21 22 ­ 31 32 ­ 33 34 35 2 Reliability in power distribution With SENTRON protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices you have your power supply safely under control. Our coordinated product portfolio meets all the requirements for low-voltage power distribution. 3 Managing energy intelligently People need electrical energy. Whether lighting systems, household appliances or machinery, a reliable power supply is the basis for comfort and progress. But what's behind all this? A challenging set of demands are placed on low-voltage power distribution, be it in industrial applications, in infrastructure or in buildings. Smart grids and a full range of integrated, communication-capable components ensure safety, functionality and minimum power consumption. Protection devices provide maximum safety for people and assets, switching devices control energy flows, and measuring and monitoring devices provide status information on the electrical system. These products give you the basis you need for a safe and cost-efficient power supply. 4 Safety and flexibility Outstanding technology - approved since years Protecting, switching, measuring and monitoring are the basic functions of low-voltage power distribution. In this segment and in many others, the name Siemens has been synonymous with innovation and outstanding technology for the past 160 years. Customers around the world know that they can rely on our extensive product and system portfolio. Keeping the power supply under control The SENTRON product portfolio contains a broad selection of perfectly coordinated components along with a wide range of accessories. The spectrum includes SENTRON protection, switching, measuring and monitoring devices. Whether in industry, infrastructure or buildings, these products deliver maximum flexibility, ease of use and safety for low-voltage power distribution. Totally Integrated Power for complete, integrated solutions The low-voltage power distribution product portfolio plays a key role in the Totally Integrated PowerTM concept. Communication-capable switches and modules can link the products and systems to building or industrial aut...

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