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SENTRON Savings Potential through Transparent Energy Flows Power monitoring in low-voltage power distribution Answers for infrastructure. Contents Recognizing Potential Savings with Power Monitoring Professional Power Monitoring Portfolio Power Monitoring in Practice TÜV-tested Quality ­ Unique Worldwide "Plug & Play" in all System Architectures Intelligent Measuring Devices for Power Monitoring Communication-capable Protection and Switching Devices Power Monitoring Software SIMATIC-based Solutions Power Monitoring Services Any questions? One click - well-informed 05 06 08 14 15 16 18 19 20 22 23 2 Power monitoring made easy The hardware and software components of our power monitoring system for low-voltage power distribution reliably support you in the visualization of energy flows and thus provide transparency and documentation of energy consumption. 3 Responsible Use of Valuable Energy Resources Whether it's electricity, water or gas: In view of increasing prices and a greater sensitivity towards environmental issues, energy is becoming an increasingly valuable resource. As a result, more and more companies are deciding to introduce a corporate energy management system. The objective of this system is to identify and implement potential energy savings. Standards, e.g. the EN 16001 / ISO 50001 standards, provide the basic conditions for the introduction of a corporate energy management system. With our TÜV-tested power monitoring system all energy flows are precisely recorded and visualized so that specific energy savings measures can be introduced. 4 Recognizing Potential Savings with Power Monitoring Comprehensive Portfolio Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of compatible hardware and software components for the implementation of a power monitoring system that fulfills the relevant customer requirements. Transparent energy flows The 7KT/7KM PAC measuring devices, the 3WL/3VL circuit breakers and other lowvoltage power distribution components provide measured values and characteristics that are processed, monitored, and archived by intelligent software. The data which is captured can be presented individually in user-friendly visualizations to provide transparency in your power distribution. High savings potential The measurement and visualization of electrical energy flows and the measures derived from them, e.g. the reduction of peak loads, energetic process redesign or the adherence to agreements with power suppliers, provide for energy cost savings of up to 20 percent. Highest possible availability By constantly monitoring the power distribution it is possible to recognize problems that could lead to a failure of the installation early on, and to even address them to prevent a failure. In addition, the relevant warning notifications, e.g. relating to timely maintenance, can prevent failures and the resulting damage; faults can be quickly traced and rectified. This improves the availability of your ...

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