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Perfect Cable Coaching INSTALLATION TRUNKINGS · made from plastic · made from halogen-free plastic · made from sheet steel Perfect Cable Coaching is an owner managed German company. In alliance with the sister company WEST-CHEMIE, a manufacturer of PVC granulates, the production process starts with the manufacturing of raw material. Furthermore, possesses both the technical process know-how in the extrusion of profiles and a unique innovative product range. has been established on the market of electrical installations for more than 25 years and is nowadays one of the leading European companies and a Specialist in terms of the manufacturing and the distribution of cable management systems made from PVC, halogen-free plastics, aluminium and sheet steel. LFG / FB Installation trunking systems BR / MBR Wall trunking systems RS Installation pole systems VVE Prewired units SL Skirting trunking systems VK Slotted cable trunking systems Wide range of accessories INSTALLATION TRUNKING SYSTEM (plastic / halogen-free) Purpose of the system and usage recommendation for the MINI and LFG installation trunking system: Installation in offices, residential spaces, workshops, warehouses and schools regularly subject to high mechanical loads and with functional interior architectural designs (museums, galleries, doctors` offices). Mounting properties and system accessories for the MINI and LFG installation trunking system (excerpt of product range): Base and cover of the trunkings are 2 m in length and the trunking base is perforated. The cover piece covers the base completely and the trunking base is easy to access so there is space for installing the cables. It is possible to change the direction elegantly using products from the full range of accessories. Molded cover parts (inside corners, outside corners, vertical corners, T-pieces) are available to hide cut edges. End pieces can be inserted to obtain a clean look. Colour: pure white (9010); other colours on request. Device installation / mounting options for the MINI and LFG installation trunking system: MB modular boxes are available for the use of M45 device modules. MR modular frames are available for the use of M45 device modules. Dimension height x width MINI 10x20 plastic MINI 10x20 hf halogen-free plastic MINI 10x30 plastic LFG 15x15 plastic LFG 15x30 plastic LFH 15x30 hf halogen-free plastic LFG 15x50 plastic LFG 15x50 t plastic, with two tracks LFG 20x20 plastic LFG 25x25 plastic LFG 25x40 plastic LFH 25x40 hf halogen-free plastic LFG 30x30 plastic LFG 40x40 plastic LFG 40x60 plastic, incl. 2 cable clips per meter LFG 40x60 t plastic, incl. 2 cable clips per meter, with two tracks A Colour WiringA NYM J3x1,5 Ø 9,1mm CAT 7 (data) Ø 8,0mm Set base+cover 12413 pack.: 72 m Inside corner 214523 pack.: 4 pc. Outside corner 214553 pack.: 4 pc. End piece Vertical corner 214573 pack.: 4 pc. T-piece Modular box* M45 16656 pack.: 1 pc...

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