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The new switching freedom. WaveLINE RF solutions. Control ever Control ever fro f room 2 | ABB WaveLINE rything rything om every from every Greater flexibility and more comfort while controlling light and other functions. The WaveLINE grants you the freedom of choice where you can place your control elements. This grants you a comfortable freedom. P. 4 P. 6 P. 8 P. 10 P. 11 P. 12 P. 13 P. 14 Retrofit or new building Switchover to the comfort of radio control Unlimited possibilities Controlling the main light Radio control comfort in the bedroom Leaning back and enjoying living comfort Switching lights and automatic fan Central ON and OFF P. 15 P. 16 P. 17 P. 18 P. 19 P. 20 P. 22 Light at movement Checking all windows The confidence that everything is closed Controlling garden functions Watering the garden with GARdENA Integration into ABB i-bus® KNX Overview of product range ABB WaveLINE | 3 Upgrade, renovation or a new building: Radio control comfort for all situations. Ceiling lamp Table lamp left Table lamp right Entire bedroom Radio control >> >> Multi-talent: The 4gang WaveLINE control elements Various functions under control via radio signal WaveLINE is a new wireless control system using the radio frequency technology. With our new wall mounted control elements "transmitters" you will be able to control Light, blinds and other functions in your house, along with movement detectors or window contacts which can create a perfect integration for a reliable safety and functionality. New possibilities for older buildings. When renovating an existing house, or simply rearranging the furniture, the switches are often no longer where they are. Or you may be missing a few additional switching options for greater comfort. Often this means: making new holes in the wall, laying cables, re-plastering, painting or wallpapering. This involves additional expenditure and generates unavoidable dirt and rubbish. With the WaveLINE you save on the associated expenditure, but not on the comfort. The radio signal bridges the distances for you. The associated switches are simply glued on and control the actuator via radio. For safety, for example, the sensors signal whether a window is open or closed. And they can be retrofitted quickly and easily. With radio control instead of cables. 4 | ABB WaveLINE * An actuator is a switch or a dimmer Easy...Right from the beginning ­ with radio control in new buildings. Also in new buildings it does not always have to be cables! Use the WaveLINE radio control system right from the start, for example, to switch lights from several positions in the room, or even from a different room, in addition to the main switch. The same applies to blinds and entire light scenes. The wireless operating comfort equally applies to outdoor areas; for switching lights in the garden and the pool from the house, for example. Also automatic or preprogrammed functions can be integrated via...

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