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Door Communication ABB-Welcome User Manual The front door is the gateway between the outside world and your private living space. The modern door communication of ABB-Welcome now opens new possibilities for both sides ­ overall comfort, greater safety and stylistically matching design. The system harmoniously adapts to the architecture outdoors. In the interior area it can be uniformly matched with light switches and socket outlets. User Manual ABB-Welcome | 3 Most welcome. Intelligence with system. 4 | User Manual ABB-Welcome ABB-Welcome. The new door communication from ABB, the leading brand with in home technology and innovative solutions for intelligent building automation. The new product range ABBWelcome supplements the comprehensive range in a practical way. It sets new standards as a holistic system. It combines perfect design, comfort, efficiency and security. Living space can now be consistently and uniformly designed. From the light switch up to door communication. Inside and outside. User Manual ABB-Welcome | 5 Door to door. Technology and progress. 02 01 The right solution for every requirement. With the wide range of well-designed products, optimum door communication can be made a reality for all types of buildings. Without great effort due to the 2-wire bus technique. And always with high-quality materials that are carefully matched. This makes ABB-Welcome ideal for use in new buildings as well as the later integration during the modernization of all types of real estate. 6 | User Manual ABB-Welcome 01 ABB-Welcome Video outdoor station 02 ABB-WelcomeTouch 03 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station with handset 04 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station with display 04 03 User Manual ABB-Welcome | 7 8 | User Manual ABB-Welcome Contents 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Examples for typical ABB-Welcome systems Planning ABB-Welcome systems Installation Commissioning Operation Overview of product range Connection diagrams Legend 10 14 30 36 42 44 52 56 User Manual ABB-Welcome | 9 01 The ideal system for every building More is possible. ABB-Welcome systems offer flexible solutions. Planning is made as simple for you as are installation or commissioning. The 2-wire bus technique makes possible the suitable layout ­ to fully meet the requirements of the user. One-family house, audio/video Fig. 1 ABB-Welcome systems consist at least of a system controller, outdoor station and indoor station. In Fig. 1 three indoor stations are installed in the one house. When a visitor rings the bell at the ABB-Welcome video outdoor station, the call can be answered either at the ABB-WelcomeTouch, at the ABB-Welcome audio indoor station with display or the ABBWelcome audio indoor station with handset. Multifamily house, audio Fig. 2 Retrofitting an ABB-Welcome system in a multifamily house with existing wiring is very easy. Even a plain bell system can be converted to audio or video. Depending on ...

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