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Door Communication Welcome at home. ABB-Welcome ABB-Welcome. The new door communication from Busch-Jaeger, the leading brand in the electrical installation sector and intelligent building communication. The new ABB-Welcome product series complements the range in a practical way and sets new standards as a holistic system. It combines perfect design, comfort, efficiency and security. Inside and outside. Living space can now be consistently and uniformly designed. Enter a new dimension. The front door is the gateway between two worlds. ABB-Welcome opens new possibilities to both sides for individualizing and uniformly designing living space. It does this with all-round comfort, greater safety and stylistically matching design. On the outside it blends harmoniously with the architecture. On the inside it matches light switches and socket outlets. Door to door. Technology and progress. 02 01 ABB-Welcome has the right solution for every requirement. It makes optimum door communication possible for all types of buildings. Innovative technology and high-quality materials make it easy for residents and visitors to gain access to unique comfort and functional design. Thanks to intelligent 2-wire technology ABB-Welcome is suitable for new buildings as well as the modernisation of existing ones. 04 03 01 ABB-Welcome video outdoor station 02 ABB-WelcomeTouch 03 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station with handset 03 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station with display Most welcome. ABB-Welcome outdoors. >> High-quality materials » Timeless design » Easy installation ABB-Welcome video or audio outdoor stations. With many functions, to make life at home more comfortable and safer. The integrated hands-free function with its full duplex operation and suppression of noise interference ensures perfect audibility. And the high-quality colour camera convinces with its extra-wide viewing range. Thanks to the automatic day and night switchover, visitors can be clearly seen even when its dark. Magnificent views. ABB-Welcome indoors. LXX lay p Dis » Large TFT touchdisplay » Intuitive operation » Easy installation ABB-WelcomeTouch. Its high-quality XXL touch display impresses with its 17.8 cm (7") diagonal screen. At an incoming door call the camera image appears automatically. Pictures can be taken during the conversation and three pictures are automatically taken and stored when the bell is rung during your absence. Intuitive operation via six easy operation keys, e.g. door opener, mute function and hallway light. Always willing to listen. Always ready to communicate. ABB-Welcome audio indoor station with handset. It impresses with its clear sound and functional design. It ensures perfect voice transmission due to its full duplex mode and suppression of noise interference. Intuitive operation via three easy operation keys for the direct activation of the door opener, mute function and hallway light. Its three ti...

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