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Crestron Produktübersicht 2012/2013

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Produktübersicht 2012 / 2013 Inhalt 1 6 7 12 15 22 24 27 30 33 34 35 38 45 Touchpanels / Zubehör Tastenfernbedienungen Tastentableau & Tasteninterface Steuerzentralen DigitalMediaTM HDMI Lösungen Digitale Videoprozessoren / -recording Lautsprecher Green Light Schnittstellen Fremdsysteme System-Netzteile Software Multiroom Audio & Surroundsysteme Kabel & Anschlussfelder For more than 40 years Crestron has been the world's leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems providing complete integrated solutions to control digital AV networks, lighting, HVAC, security systems and more. Today's commercial buildings contain more technology than ever before. Clients must now be able to manage anything with a network connection. To accomplish this, all of these systems must be networked, managed and controlled in a fundamentally new way. Crestron products are Integrated by DesignTM to deliver complete building technology solutions. We enable global monitoring, management and control of AV, energy, voice & data, lighting, security, room scheduling, and HVAC on a single platform from a centralized dashboard. Crestron's integrated enterprise solutions set the standards by which all others are measured. With the broadest line of hardware and software, Crestron's award-winning control and automation solutions are installed in the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies, universities, and government facilities in the world. Crestron has 91 fully-staffed offices that provide sales support, technical support, and training across the globe. With 24X7X365 online and live customer support availability, global on-site field support, our three-tier coverage provides expert help for every situation. Locally, regionally and internationally, complete access to Crestron engineers and pre- and post-sales support specialists provides an extensive range of technical resources for rapid issue resolution anywhere in the world. Plus, take advantage of our professional in-house system designers to help you design even the most challenging projects. Guarantee the highest-performing implementations and eliminate compatibility issues before they arise. Touchpanels Core 3 UITM -- the New Tool for Cool! The new Core 3 UI platform makes it easier than ever to deliver a rich user experience with amazing touch screen graphics. Core 3 UI increases "wow" factor while reducing time and effort, making the ultimate Crestron touch screen experience an excellent value, as well. Silky Smooth and Packed with Power The new TSW-550, 750 and 1050 offer powerful Core 3 UITM graphics in a choice of three space-efficient surface mount designs. Each features an edge-to-edge capacitive touch surface, H.264 streaming video, RavaTM SIP intercom, single-wire PoE/PoE+connectivity, and standard gang-box installation. Core 3 UI supports multiple Flash® and HTML5 graphics and animations, H.264 streaming video, Web browsing ­ all at the same time. All these technologies co...

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