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Installation solutions for your hotel First-class solutions for high-class hotels. That something special intelligently designed. Entering the future. An unforgettable experience. Over and over again. Design, comfort and a sense of security are what characterize the atmosphere in high-class hotels. Modern electrical installation technology sets the tone for the days activities. You will transport your guests into the future with fascinating switch ranges and state-of-the-art technology for the perfect control of light, shading, climate and media. And at the same time profit from efficiency, because much will adjust itself automatically. Welcome to the world of Busch-Jaeger ­ the traditional and innovative brand for electrical installation technology that is part of the internationally successful ABB-Group. 2 Hotel Brochure | Intro Intro | Hotel Brochure 3 First-class reception. In a special atmosphere. 01 02 03 01 SMARTtouch panel 02 Busch-iceLight® 03 Design covers made of real metal Clarity and comfort for reception and lobby. Pleasant clarity: The multifunctional control panel gives your reception personnel a perfect overview of building installations ­ and perfect control of important functions simply with a contact of the touch panel. Your guests enjoy that superior welcome with clear signals in a stylish exterior: with BuschiceLight®. The special effect is created by combining LED technology with high-quality acrylic glass, with individual signal inserts and with design covers made of real metal. 4 Hotel Brochure | Reception 01 02 03 04 05 01 Busch-steplight® 02 Busch-iceLight® wall module Orientation 03 Busch-Watchdog 180 FM sensor Comfort 04 Busch-Watchdog Presence tech BasicLINE Corridor 05 Busch-Object socket outlet Solutions for floors and other general areas. Busch-steplight® connects socket outlet and orientation light. LEDs discreetly radiate light downward, to ensure, for example, that a step is not overlooked. As an energy-saving orientation the numerous versions of Busch-iceLight® make a first-class impression. And the Busch-Watchdog motion detectors, which switch lights on according to demand, ensure comfort together with an energy-saving effect. Ideal for your cleaning teams: The Busch-Object socket outlet also projects the plug at an angle, to prevent it from being pulled out while in a hurry. Reception | Hotel Brochure 5 Feeling at home. Only more so. 04 01 02 03 05 06 01 Service button with LED display 02 Intelligent card switch 03 Service button with access reader and bell 04 Busch-iceLight® wall module Orientation 05 Busch-iceLight® wall module Ambience 06 Busch-iceLight® ceiling module Access, ambience, service: everything first class. Comfort begins already at the door. For example, with a bell switch that indicates to the service personnel: "Please do not disturb" or "Please clean". Upon request also with integrated non-contact card ...

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