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Movements in architecture 03| 2013 Office of timber and glass by Shigeru Ban Architects Interview with Prof. Dörte Gatermann Unequal towers ­ the Federation Tower complex in Moscow Rooms for the knowledge worker » Editorial Since the 1/2012 issue, Pulse has also been available as a free app version for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. This time the app offers, amongst other things, additional images of Shigeru Ban's spectacular timber construction for the Zurich publisher Tamedia. Architects Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher are based in Frankfurt, but also have offices in Vienna, Austria and Tianjin, China. The topic: Complex worlds of work pulse in conversation with schneider+schumacher Open-plan or single-cell office ­ merely a matter of taste? Are there tangible arguments for the one or other variant? In my opinion, it's no longer a matter of an either/or, but of not only/but also. To do justice of working methods today, what counts is the interaction of various different prinicples for organizing space. Does the fact that the world of work is in the midst of change (e.g., through digitalization and mobility), invariably alter office architecture, too? Yes, most definitely. The media we use at work, the increase in complexity, and the resulting need to work together all create new spatial requirements. The issue of communications seems central to office architecture today. What role can the architect play here? Good working areas offer each individual an opportunity to either withdraw to concentrate quietly or zones where there can be plenty of communication. Today, it's less a matter of meeting rooms where things tend to happen behind closed doors, and more of complex spaces that are exceptionally discerning in architectural terms. In 2008, photos from the inner world of the Google head office caused a real furor. Are play and recreation zones in office buildings merely modish or a clear trend? The division between work and leisure time is definitely in flux. We essentially are always at work, and yet are not. This is reflected in trends such as those at Google. In part I find it affected and short-lived. What does an office worker need most today? Kirsten Bucher A credible, nice, friendly working ambience, a good cup of coffee and work that is meaningful as a whole. What role do status symbols play in the corporate view? Are many firms still hell-bent on building as far into the sky as possible or are new things becoming the main focus, as with the planned Apple and facebook headquarters in Silicon Valley? In my opinion, companies seek an image that fits them best and concurs with their identity. Of course, the kind of building strongly depends on the location. The headquarters just mentioned in the States are not designed for dense urban spaces. My view is that companies have overall become more aware of the fact that their building needs to make a statement ­ to clients and to staff. The emphasis is on com...

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