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ABB-free@home® Making home automation easier than ever 02 | ABB-free@home® Freedom Home is getting smart ABB-free@home® | 03 04 | ABB-free@home® Just as you like it The Smart Home Perfect daily routine. With ABB-free@home® the entire home can be controlled as usual with switches, and now even more prac tical: with the smartphone, tablet, or computer. Via touch or voice control. One not only switches, one regulates home automation mobile and smart, precise and continuously variable. For example, is the light atmosphere to be changed, tapping on the touch screen or a simple voice command moves the blinds, the colours of the lights change ­ this is how one experiences the future already today. ABB-free@home® | 05 Content Freedom System Advantages Intelligent home Total networking 10 12 Personal comfort scenes Presence simulation The everything-off function NEW: Voice-control 18 20 22 24 The entire house under control Easy to operate via app Easy to setup One system ­ different types of installations 28 30 32 34 06 | ABB-free@home® Range Individual possibilities 38 ABB-free@home® | 07 Liberating. As innovative home automation ABB-free@home® offers an endless number of possibilities for creative design. This allows the home to be equipped in line with endless personal concepts and preferences. Both today and in the future. 08 Freedom | ABB-free@home® ABB-free@home® | Freedom 09 Free choice To live life as desired Smart. ABB-free@home® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning or door communication ­ comfort, safety and efficiency can finally be remote controlled. Via a switch on the wall, via voice-control or with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. 10 Freedom | ABB-free@home® Open for new ideas With ABB-free@home® all functions in the house can be managed automatically ­ according to time plan, temperature and movement detector ­ or be called up at the touch of a button. And here, every combination of the various functions is possible. Blind Light Heating Air-conditioning Door communication Many advantages for operation More pleasant living. The ABB-free@home ® home automation makes daily life easier. Blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning and door communication can be controlled together: The smartphone becomes the remote control in the house. The blinds can be moved up and the radio in the kitchen can be switched on with the touch of a button while you are still in bed ­ or all lights and devices are deactivated via a switch when leaving the house. Very convenient. Extremely comfortable. Very energy efficient. The setting of these scenes is as easy as can be ­ to suit the mood or situation. ABB-free@home® | Freedom 11 Total network Blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning, door communication Comfortable right from the start. It begins with commissioning an...

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