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—\r\n\r\nDOO R ENTRY S YS TEM\r\n\r\nYour gateway to the world ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n Contents\r\n\r\nContents\r\n\r\n01 Ease\r\n\r\n02 Simplicity\r\n\r\n03 Security\r\n\r\nStyle meets function Ease in communication Easy remote access\r\n\r\n06 08 10\r\n\r\nDesigned to please Simple but impressive\r\n\r\n14 16\r\n\r\nOn duty around the clock\r\n\r\n20\r\n\r\n2 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n Contents\r\n\r\n04 Flexibility\r\n\r\nInfinite possibilities Customize to fit your needs One solution for all requirements\r\n\r\n24 26 28\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome | 3\r\n\r\n 01 Ease\r\n\r\n04 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n 01 Ease\r\n\r\nEase Simplicity Security Flexibility\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome | 05\r\n\r\n 01 Ease\r\n\r\nStyle meets function\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome indoor station\r\n• • • Wide 7-inch color display with intuitive touch control Call transfer between different apartment and guard units Ability to leave messages to family members or visitors, or to record theirs\r\n\r\nYour home is an expression of yourself. And with the ABB-Welcome system, you won’t compromise impressive style for innovative technology. For Welcome is more than just a door video system – it is the future of home monitoring and security at your fingertips.\r\n\r\n06 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n 01 Ease\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome stainless steel, outdoor station\r\n• • • • Camera module with super anti-fog coating and built-in heater Automatic day to night mode switchover Built-in LED for night illumination to display defined graphics Scratch- and fire-resistant finish on camera module\r\n\r\nGood design is not simply about appearance; it is also about functionality. For example, ABB-Welcome light sensors automatically switch over from day to night mode. This means that your entry area always presents a good impression, and visitors are instantly drawn to the illuminated outdoor station. With the ABB-Welcome video outdoor station, you can easily see visitors’ faces – even in the dark – thanks to an infrared LED that is automatically activated when the button is pressed.\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome | 07\r\n\r\n 01 Ease\r\n\r\nEase in communication\r\n\r\n01\r\n\r\n02\r\n\r\n03\r\n\r\n04\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome audio indoor stations\r\n• Large function buttons call guard unit, unlock additional door, etc. • Surface mounted • Additional buttons for customization – such as intercom,\r\n\r\n01 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station, handset, three buttons 02 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station, handset with induction loop (for hearing aids) 03 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station, handset, six buttons 04 ABB-Welcome audio indoor station, hands-free\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome represents ease in communication, whether it is within your home, or to the outside world. The large buttons, intuitive design, and indicating LEDs ensure an effortless experience. Other functions can include automatic unlock, door status check, and second door unlock.\r\n\r\n08 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n 01 Ease\r\n\r\nWith ABB-Welcome, less is more. The 4.3-inch wide video handset is one of the thi...

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