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—\r\n\r\nD O O R E N T RY S YS T E M\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome Order catalogue\r\n\r\n Order Catalogue\r\n\r\nContents\r\n01 Overview 02 Welcome – home kits 03 Outdoor station (OS) 04 Indoor station (IS) 05 System devices (SD) 3 8 11 24 30\r\n\r\n2 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n Order Catalogue\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome | 3\r\n\r\n Order Catalogue\r\n\r\nCustomize to fit your needs\r\nABB-Welcome opens up new possibilities for both sides residents and guests. It provides comprehensive comfort, greater security and elegant design. The system harmoniously adapts to the architecture outdoors. The fascinating design and innovative technology of ABB-Welcome indoor stations can fully compliment all home designs and expectations of comfort.\r\n\r\n01\r\n\r\n02\r\n\r\n03\r\n\r\n01 02 03 04\r\n04\r\n\r\nSingle-family home Multi-family home Apartment buildings Residential complexes\r\n\r\n4 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n Order Catalogue\r\n\r\n04 03\r\n\r\n02\r\n\r\n01\r\n\r\n06 05\r\n\r\n07\r\n\r\n08 09\r\n\r\n10\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome\r\n01 Welcome video keypad outdoor station, stainless steel 02 Welcome video outdoor station, 1 round button, stainless steel 03 Welcome video outdoor station, 1/2 pushbutton, aluminum 04 Welcome mini outdoor station, 1 pushbutton, aluminum 05 Welcome 7\" video hands-free indoor station, white 06 Welcome 4.3\" video hands-free indoor station, white 07 Welcome Basic 4.3\" video hands-free indoor station, white 08 Welcome 4.3\" video handset indoor station, white 09 Welcome audio hands-free indoor station, white 10 Welcome audio handset indoor station, white\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome | 5\r\n\r\n Order Catalogue\r\n\r\nOne solution for all requirements\r\nThe Welcome range of door entry system offers security, ease of use, more flexible installation solutions. From single-family homes to complex residential complexes, Welcome provides one flexible solution for your door entry security and communication requirements.\r\n\r\nABB-Welcome capacity\r\n• 600 m from gate station to last indoor station • 250 indoor stations per building • 60 buildings • 9 guard units • 9 outdoor stations for each apartment (including gate stations, outdoor stations and second-confirmed outdoor stations)\r\n\r\n6 | ABB-Welcome\r\n\r\n Order Catalogue\r\n\r\n01 Single-family homes\r\nWelcome provides a secure, flexible and simple solution for single-family homes that contains both audio and video solutions. Meanwhile, Welcome kit is easy to expand by adding additional devices for singe-family homes.\r\n\r\n02 Audio solution for multi-family homes and buildings\r\nWelcome provides a superior audio system solution that allows for easy upgrades to video.\r\n\r\n03 Video solution for multi-family homes and buildings\r\nWelcome provides a high performance video system with 2-wire video technology for multi-family homes and buildings. Its simple design easily integrates into new construction or renovation.\r\n\r\n04 Network solutions for residential complexes\r\nWelcome meets your need for networked s...

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